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Hand-sewn notebook (105 x 140 mm) with a printed alphabet letter on each page, and a pack of 50 colourful world stamps included. 

I developed this book for primary school children to encourage them to enjoy looking at the detail in stamps, not just focusing on the country of origin. Stamps are a very rich visual representation of culture and encourage children to ask questions and develop their imagination and vocabulary, without necessarily being a collector in the traditional sense. 

The idea is to match the stamp using any word that can be associated with the image - such as G for Green, or C for Crown, or F for 50p, O for Odd, E for exciting. I used to help children by supplying adjectives to prompt them.  They write the word on the page for that letter, and stick in the stamp, using a glue stick. Children can design their own stamps, add their own drawings and decorative borders, colour in and decorate the alphabet letters, or stick in other pictures. They can also add more stamps of their own. Note that unlike stamps that require moistening to stick, modern self-adhesive stamps will not soak off envelopes easily, so these can simply be cut from the envelope leaving a paper border. The idea is to have fun, not to be over-meticulous! 

Note that the third picture shown below is not the one listed above, but is just to give an idea of the book and a typical pack of stamps included.


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