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A4Plus Album 26 x 32cm - Victoria Hall Paste Paper


A4Plus Album 26 x 32cm - Victoria Hall Paste Paper

Album  - this book is constructed with spacers at the spine, so that items can be attached to the pages and the book will not lose its shape. Suitable for photographs, letters, cards, invitations, tickets, postcards and any kind of similar paper  memorabilia. You can glue items on both sides of the pages. 

32 cm high by 26.3 cm wide, 48 sides.  

This album is large enough to take full A4 size pages without trimming or overlapping the edges. 

The covers are hand-painted paste paper by Victoria Hall. Victoria has an extensive knowledge of historical paper decoration and specialises in highly-skilled fine antiquarian and period style marbling. She has also studied the technique of paste papers, a method which goes back at least to the Eighteenth Century.

If you are interested in buying decorated papers from Victoria Hall, you can contact her directly – details on her website.

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